10 Day Transformation Results

I am so happy to have completed my challenge and I am still enjoying my power shakes. My body just wants that green yummyness. When I started this process, I wanted to see if it would be comparable to the … Continue reading

Transformation Day 10

Last day for me! Tomorrow is my official weigh-in and measurements. The scale registered the same weight as yesterday, but putting my hands on my ribs I can feel a big difference. Waking up this morning I was very tired … Continue reading

Transformation Day 9

Day 9 was very exciting. I woke up to having lost another pound – yay! I had a lot to do during the day because I was off to Phoenix in the evening to see the band Tool. If you … Continue reading

Transformation Day 8

No more muffin top in my yoga pants! That and my pants are fitting so much better. When moving around all day, clothes that fit and do not need adjustments is a really big deal for me. It was a … Continue reading

Transformation Day 7

Things continue to go well and I am amazed at how comfortable I feel. One of the things this 10 Day Transformation promises is that you will be able to break your addiction to processed foods and sugar. I really … Continue reading

Transformation Day 6

I have discarded 5lbs and 5inches and I am halfway through. I am feeling great, feeling motivated with tons of energy, and there is plenty to be done in my world. I love waking up in the morning with energy … Continue reading

Transformation Day 5

Today was a restful day. Since I did not have to go anywhere or do anything I decided to take it easy. I hung out with my man, watched a movie, did a little laundry. It was the perfect restful … Continue reading

Transformation Day 4

New Perspectives on Weight: Confessions from the Curvy Woman Another 0.2lbs shed and feeling good. I showed my before picture to a friend and pulled up my shirt and she said, “have you seen the difference?!?” Going through this process … Continue reading

Transformation Day 3

I am starting to get really comfortable in the flow of this cleanse. Other than a few minor timing errors things felt really good today. It started with getting on the scale and weighing another 1.5lbs less. Whew, that holiday … Continue reading

Transformation Day 2

The end of Day 1 went well. Minor headache was gone. There was only one problem, I was too full to have my fiber drink! Who would have thought that you could be too full when you are on a … Continue reading