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Pathways to Relaxation: Practices to Unwind a Busy Mind – 2015

Pathways to RelaxationIn these hectic times, relaxation has become a foreign concept. We know that stress leads to disease, insomnia, weight gain, etc. The easiest way to build resilience is to allot a certain amount of time, each day, for relaxation. This CD gives you four different opportunities to cultivate relaxation. It begins with a breathing practice, called Alternate Nostril (or Nadi Shodana), to support balance as well as a calm and focused mind. The next track is an Oceanside Relaxation. This is a guided relaxation that incorporates all five elements. Think of it as your opportunity to go on a quick vacation. Ganesha Mantra – 108 Repetitions is a chanting practice that helps to focus the mind and can lead to a meditative state. The CD ends with the practice of Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep. You mind find yourself falling asleep to this practice in the beginning, but over time Yoga Nidra cultivates a deep healing. Yoga Nidra is recommended as a daily practice. May this CD bring you relaxation and peace.

Price: $9.99

Click here to purchase a physical copy of Pathways to Relaxation

Mantra Chanting with Rose – 2012

This instructional CD will teach you 6 popular mantras, including Atma Hrdaye, Lokah Samasta, Asato Ma, The Gayatri Mantra, Maha Mrityunjaya, and Purnamada. Each mantra is broken down in call and response form so that you can learn the chant. Then each mantra is chanted 27 times, providing you an opportunity to dive deeply into the chant. Repeating the track 3 times will enable you to chant the mantra with me 108 times – the amount of beads on a prayer necklace. You may even find yourself meditating with ease has the repetitions complete.

Price: $9.99

Click here to buy a physical copy of Mantra Chanting with Rose.

Download liner notes, including the transliteration of the chants: Mantra Chanting Liner Notes


As someone who has never learned chanting but always enjoyed the sound of the mantras at programs I have attended, I have found Rose’s CD which teaches the mantras in a methodical, melodious manner to be wonderful. From her explanations of the mantras, I now know what the Sanskrit words mean. Her style of repeating lines to allow the listener to practice the pronunciation of the words line by line has made it easy for me to follow and enjoy. I am looking forward to introducing the mantras in the classes that I teach as well as adding them to my own practice.
Listening to her CD in my car has made my commute both more enjoyable and less stressful. —Susan Kaplan PhD, LifeForce Yoga Practitioner

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