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Calming Impulses

Calm the ChaosHow often do you find yourself upset due to conflicting impulses? You might find yourself on the yoga mat, deep in practice and the desire to do something else arises. You might find yourself happy for a dear friend, yet jealous of them at the same time. You have to do it all alone, but know that you cannot do it by yourself. This life is a swirling chaos of conflicting impulses, sensations, feelings, emotions and beliefs.

The beauty of yoga is that the practice brings you to a deeper state of awareness and you begin to realize that you are so much more than these conflicting impulses. Through the practice of yoga (breath, movement, meditation = yoga), you fall into the awareness that you are connected, that you are whole, here and now. But we must show up on “the mat” for practice.

Yoga Nidra is the best practice for calming the chaos. In Yoga Nidra you learn to find your center while holding the opposites; opposites of sensation, feeling, emotion, and belief. The best part about yoga nidra is that it is done lying down and guided by someone else. You can attend a class that contains a yoga nidra or you can download numerous versions of yoga nidra.

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Practice Yoga Nidra now:

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