Yogic Three Part Breath

How to Practice Yogic Three Part Breath A person can survive for weeks without food and days without water. A person can only survive for minutes without air. We know what happens when we stop breathing, yet most of us … Continue reading

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is a new distinction in the “Yoga-verse” — essentially a distinction between yoga instruction/classes and yoga as a therapeutic modality. Yoga Therapy uses time-tested yogic tools to support the remembrance of our innate wholeness. Yoga classes tend to … Continue reading


Life is hard, filled with sadness and loss. We experience great love in relationship and sooner or later it ends – by disagreement, sickness, death, or just growing apart. We hurt each other, we hurt ourselves, we hurt the world … Continue reading

Cleanse Day Fifteen

Cleanse Day 15: Game of Thrones Part 3 & All Done I made it! It was hard work at times, at other times exhausting, yet it was cleansing and I feel amazing. I shed 11 lbs, my joints feel lighter, … Continue reading

Cleanse Day Fourteen

Cleanse Day 14: Just One More Day I took my last 4 Tablespoons of ghee this morning. Ahh, how wonderful, I do not have to have ghee until the next time that I do this 😀 Dreading the fact that … Continue reading

Cleanse Day Thirteen

Cleanse Day 13: Figuring Out Why I Eat Unhealthy Today started out with a disturbing dream about Cleo and then home invasion. Not a pleasant way to start my day. I did recover, power my way through 4 tablespoons of … Continue reading

Cleanse Day Twelve

Cleanse Day 12: More Ghee and Self-Care Day two of ghee. I think I have found a way to choke it down. I melt it, then with a spoon I pour it under my tongue. Then I swallow it with … Continue reading

Cleanse Day Eleven

Cleanse Day 11: Real Food I know that what I was eating was real food, but oh my goodness, something other than kitchari is heaven! When I woke up, I took a look at my tongue, as I always do … Continue reading

Cleanse Day Nine

Cleanse Day Nine: Stalling Today was the hardest of all of the days so far. My dad had to go to the hospital yesterday. He is post-op for a back surgery a week and a half ago and has a … Continue reading

Cleanse Day Eight

Cleanse Day 8: Game of Thrones Round 2 Felt so strange yesterday. I could tell that my blood pressure has been elevated. Every time I laid down there was this uncomfortable pressure in my face. That strange sensation in my … Continue reading