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Cleanse Day Eight

Cleanse Day 8: Game of Thrones Round 2

Felt so strange yesterday. I could tell that my blood pressure has been elevated. Every time I laid down there was this uncomfortable pressure in my face. That strange sensation in my throat got so uncomfortable, I ended up seeing my friend Deb Kortyna at Desert Wind Healing Arts. hyoid-boneShe did some wonderful work that really helped – adjusted my esophagus and worked on my hyoid bone along with the muscles that attach to it. It did not take the issue away, but it sure did help a lot!

Trips to the throne went well. Nothing that you want to read about. But if you were really interested in what went on, let me know and I will tell you. Ha ha.

I did have a strange dream about eating a homemade dill pickle. I do not think that I have ever wanted a pickle so badly in my life. A good pickle is something wonderful. Then my mom told me that she is going to make. Yum! Looking forward to it.

Because I will forever remain a music fanatic, I went to a concert with a good friend of mine. He is my concert buddy. I would not recommend doing something like that during a cleanse, but I already had the tickets and I really wanted to go. It was too many people for my taste. What was hardest? It might have been seeing the nachos but not getting to eat them (love melted yellow on tortilla chips) or almost passing out because of the mad squish to get to the front. Let it be known that I was trying to get out. I will say that I had a really good time as evidenced by this silliness:
Duck Face

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