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Cleanse Day Twelve

Cleanse Day 12: More Ghee and Self-Care

Day two of ghee. I think I have found a way to choke it down. I melt it, then with a spoon I pour it under my tongue. Then I swallow it with hot water. After it is down, I breathe in and out through my mouth. As long as I do not have the ghee taste in my nose I can get through it without gagging. Hopefully I will remember this technique, or remember to come back here and read about, when I do the cleanse in September/October. The dates are, tentatively, September 22 – October 3. If you would like more information, or to sign up, email Maria at Tell her that Rose sent you!

My day went well and included a visit to the hospital. I also gave a talk to a group of Chemotherapy Volunteers for Arizona Oncology. The topic was “Building Your Self-Care Toolbox.” I spoke about LifeForce Yoga and led numerous practices for self-care that met the prevailing mood and then brought it into balance. It was nice and I had fun with it. The talk was also balancing for me, leading practices in the middle of the day.

Still enjoying lots of yummy food!

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