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Cleanse Day Six

Cleanse Day 6: Game of Thrones

Last night I swallowed 2 tablespoons of castor oil. Now, those of you that know me or have done yoga with me, know of my love of castor oil for healing the body. If you have never investigated castor oil, check out this really neat article. If you are going to explore it, make sure you use a reputable brand, such as the brand from Edgar Cayce, Palma de Cristi.castor oil

Anyway, after taking ghee for 4 days, we take the castor oil to clean things out.
A word about the purpose for taking ghee.
The purpose of participating in this cleanse is to reset the digestive system and clean out all of the undigested ‘stuff’ in the system. Taking ghee stimulates the gall bladder to produce more bile. When the gall bladder becomes more active, the liver get excited and starts working harder. The ghee moves into the system and attaches to ama (undigested emotions, food and events). When we take the castor oil, it pulls the ghee out with it. The most important part is that when we are taking the ghee, we are eating a low-fat, to non-fat diet for the rest of the day. We need to give the body an opportunity to re-learn fat metabolism and proper digestion.

As Maria said, it was our own personal ‘Game of Thrones’ this morning. I do feel lighter, brighter and more energetic. Not  quite as clear as I usually do, but definitely better.

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