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Cleanse Day Seven

Cleanse Day 7: Clear, Stoned and Stuck

I am enjoying a sense of clarity on so many levels.
My body is feeling clear. As I moved through my yoga practice, my body moved with ease. I had nothing to compare it with, but now my joints feel so open and free. Things are adjusting with ease.
My mind feels so very clear and uncluttered that sometimes it is a little hard to find the right words. At the same time, I feel a bit stoned. I know that I am here on this earth, I feel very much in my body and quite grounded. At the same time, I feel as if there is a large part of me that is somewhere else. It is otherworldly but interesting.

To illustrate this, I got back to my car after going to my Thursday morning class. I then ran a couple of errands. When I got back in my car, the left side was dipping like I had a flat. I get out and take a look and sure enough, that tire is too low. Now I am a little perturbed (to say the least) and I head toward my boss’ house because we are about to do a webinar. I am calling my husband because I don’t want to call AAA because I cannot meet them outside because I am on the webinar. Husband’s phone is off and I am getting more annoyed, “why is this happening on a day when my schedule is packed?” I get to the gas station to put some air in and when I check the PSI it is at normal, i.e. tire is not flat. What the heck?!? Tires do not deflate and then inflate on their own. What a strange occurrence. I would have put money on my tire being flat and I still believe it was flat.

While I am feeling clear, I have this strange stuck sensation in my stomach. It feels as though there is something stuck in my throat. Plus, my tongue had some ama (undigested events, emotions, and food) built up in the stomach section – that is the middle center of the tongue. That tells me that something is going on with my stomach. The color is a yellowish/brownish, which means that there is some form of stagnation happening there. I had a quick consultation with Maria and after a discussion about my game of thrones day, she suggested that I take another round of castor oil tonight. My response, “…I have to gulp that yick down again?” If it helps, I am all for it. Tune in tomorrow for “Game of Thrones: Round 2.”

Tongue Diagnosis

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