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Cleanse Day Fifteen

Cleanse Day 15: Game of Thrones Part 3 & All Done

I made it! It was hard work at times, at other times exhausting, yet it was cleansing and I feel amazing. I shed 11 lbs, my joints feel lighter, my skin is clearer, and I am sleeping better at night.
Last night I had to take castor oil one final time for this cleanse. This last game of thrones went well, although I will not bore you/gross you out with the details of it. Let’s just say that I am feeling very clear intestinally. I could also not be happier that I do not have castor oil looming in my future.

Herbs Part 2

This lovely red root is used to cleanse the lymphatic system. It supports the healthy functioning of the lymphatic system so that it can cleanse itself. This herb has also been used as a blood purifier. It clears excessive pitta. That means that there tends to be a lessening of heat in the body. I can attest to this personally. Here in Tucson it has been getting quite warm. Since I started this cleanse, I feel cool and even drive around with my windows up when it is 85 degrees outside. It works!

This bright yellow herb is an amazing anti-inflammatory. It also helps with digestion. One of my tricks, for years, has been to sprinkle Turmeric on my pizza so that I can digest the cheese easily. Right now there are a number of studies being conducted on Turmeric as an anti-inflammatory. Pole says, “excellent for reducing pain as a topical application in bruises, infections, sprains and pain.”¹ It is fresh and in season at the local health food store. I love the little roots, they look like grub worms. What ever you do with Turmeric, watch out, it stains bright yellow. You know I have been cooking with it because my finger tips and finger nails are a yellowy-orange color.

Liver Repair / Liver Formula:
We use a mixture of herbs to help the liver detox and while providing support for healthy functioning and rejuvenation. I have been using Liver Repair from The other recommendation is Liver Formula from Banayan Botanicals. Both are good, but they contain different formulas. However, both formulas contain:
Bhumyamalaki – cooling, cleansing and soothing; helps to detoxify the liver
Guduchi – balancing; heating yet it eases excessive pitta; “burns accumulated natural toxins purifying the liver, kidneys, joints and blood.”²
Amalaki – cooling; supports healthy stomach lining; contains the highest amount of Vitamin C of any plant

Moving Forward

What can you do to support and maintain a healthy lifestyle? If you want to try and do some home cleansing, a book that I recommend is Colorado Cleanse by Dr. John Douillard. It is easy to understand, it comes with recipes and a discussion of each herb suggested.
The simplest action that you can take is to adopt a 3 season diet. This means eating foods that are in season.
Your next step would be to take a look at your diet. You may feel that you eat healthy but if you have weight gain around your mid-section, allergies, skin irritations, etc, you body is trying to tell you something about what you are eating.

¹Pole, Sebastian. Ayurvedic Medicine: The Principles of Traditional Practice. Elsevier Ltd, Philadelphia: 2006. Page 283

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