Video Blog 10 Day Transformation – Day 1

It has been a challenging couple of months for me after my car accident. I have not been able to be as active as my body needs/likes. Not to mention the appetite issues – I go from not hungry and … Continue reading

February 2018 Update

Whew, I am back in action, as far as teaching classes are concerned. Working on things in the back end is a little harder. In November, I was rear-ended and suffered a concussion as well as a number of other … Continue reading

August 2017 Update

I hope that your summer has been going well. I missed the start of monsoon for the first time in 20 years because I was on the East Coast. But wow, we got some great storms here at the house … Continue reading

July 2017 Update

Summer is upon us and I hope everyone is doing their best to stay nice and cool! Here is a great tip for keeping cool when it is really hot outside. I make sure that I always have my doterra … Continue reading

Yoga of Sound: Healing Mantras

Sound vibrations have the power to bring about great healing in the body and the mind. When we chant mantra, it is said that we are raising our vibrations to different frequencies to affect change. When viewed this way, all … Continue reading

December 2016 Update

Dear Ones- It has been a long time and many things have happened in the time between. It is my great joy to share with all of you that I am now the Director, and owner, of the LifeForce Yoga … Continue reading

September Yoga Schedule

Summer is singing its last song and as we transition into fall it is time to let go of summer’s heat and habits. That means clearing out and cleaning up a little. What is it that you have been hanging … Continue reading

Heart Mudra

Practice: Purna Hridaya / Heart Mudra Purna Hridaya, or heart mudra, is the gesture of the open heart. Purna means full and hridaya means heart; it brings the fullness of the breath into the heart. Yoga is the practice of … Continue reading

June Yoga Schedule

Uncovering the Heart’s True Nature “Love is the only true perception, everything else is false.” – Unknown It is the heart’s true nature to love for no reason at all. Through our daily lives, we begin to put walls up … Continue reading

Bone Builders

Back Bone Builders: 4-Week Series 3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28 $48/series or $12/class Mondays 6:15 – 7:15pm Natural Life Holistic Oasis 7235 North Paseo del Norte (Ina & Oracle) – North Building in the gym RSVP to or 520-349-2644 This … Continue reading