Mudra: The Sacred Secret – Review

Mudra: The Sacred Secret by Indu Arora Originally published in the LifeForce Yoga Research Newsletter Mudras are the magic of the yoga world. These hand gestures can have a profound effect on a person in a matter of seconds. Whether … Continue reading


So often we think of dignity as a sense of nobility. We may even understand that dignity is a sense of worthiness and respect. But do we treat ourselves with dignity? Treating ourselves with dignity is not an over-inflated sense … Continue reading

Lifestyle Transformation

Free Webinar Mind, Body & Energy Transformation September 7, 2015 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern Would you like to create healthier habits, increase clarity, decrease chronic pain and inflammation, and be motivated to create and sustain positive change in your … Continue reading

Calming Impulses

How often do you find yourself upset due to conflicting impulses? You might find yourself on the yoga mat, deep in practice and the desire to do something else arises. You might find yourself happy for a dear friend, yet … Continue reading

Wednesday Classes Return

Classes start up this Wednesday, August 5th! LifeForce Yoga for Self-Empowerment Wednesday 11:15am — 12:45pm August Series: Calming the Overactive mind 8/5, 8/12, 8/19, 8/26 Cost: $15/class $48/month This month you will be learning techniques that help you focus and … Continue reading

LifeForce Yoga Healing Retreat

LifeForce Yoga® Healing Retreat with Rose Kress October 2 – 4, 2015 Tucson, AZ Desert Redemptorist Renewal Center Transform you body, energy, & mind with this LifeForce Yoga Healing Retreat. Learn how you can heal yourself with ancient, time-tested yoga … Continue reading

New CD

It is here! Download your digital copy of Pathways to Relaxation today. Physical CD available now: Please note: download does not work on tablets or phones…   … Continue reading

Coming Soon: Pathways to Relaxation

Mark your calendars for July 15th – the release date of Pathways to Relaxation In these hectic times, relaxation has become a foreign concept. We know that stress leads to disease, insomnia, weight gain, etc. The easiest way to build … Continue reading

LifeForce Yoga Class with Rose

Here you go, a LifeForce Yoga Class with Rose! There is a telephone that rings, part way through; it was not worth editing the pose out. When you cannot get to a yoga class, pull this one up! … Continue reading

Inspiration Quote

Inspiration Quote for May 13, 2015 “We must change our lives, so that it will be possible to live by the contrary assumption that what is good for the world will be good for us. And that requires that we … Continue reading