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LifeForce Yoga Healing Retreat

LifeForce Yoga® Healing Retreat with Rose Kress
October 2 – 4, 2015
Tucson, AZ
Desert Redemptorist Renewal Center

Sunrise at the Redemptorist Renewal Center
Sunrise at the Redemptorist Renewal Center

Transform you body, energy, & mind with this LifeForce Yoga Healing Retreat. Learn how you can heal yourself with ancient, time-tested yoga practices. Simple and easy can and does have a great impact on the whole body. All levels of experience, including beginners, welcome.

Yoga has always had a profound impact on healing the body and mind. Every day, science corroborates the healing effects of this ancient practice. In the sacred desert of NW Tucson, you will have the opportunity to dive into the healing paradigm of yoga. You will experience techniques to jump start healing and leave with the tools for a daily practice.

During this healing retreat you will learn:

  • Practices to balance the nervous system
  • Breathing techniques to energize and calm
  • Movement to release constriction in the physical and energy body
  • Sound, mantra, practice to transform the breath, energy, mind and body
  • Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation
  • LifeForce Yoga tools for deep healing ( for more info on LifeForce Yoga)
  • How Purium, a superfood rich diet, can aide the body’s ability to heal with Jennifer Johnston

sukhasanaYou will leave feeling refreshed and renewed.
CEUs for Yoga Teachers

Retreat Registration: $230

You must select an option for attendance below:
Commuter Fee: $120 (includes all meals)
Double Room: $195 (includes all meals)
Single Room: $240 (includes all meals)

Price: $230.00

Friday October 2nd
4 – 5:30pm Yoga Class
6 – 7pm Dinner
7:15 – 9:00pm Opening

Saturday October 3rd
6:30 – 8am Yoga
8am Breakfast
9am – 12pm Morning Session
12 – 3:00pm Lunch & Free Time
1:00 – 2:00 Presentation on Superfoods, Transformation, & Healing with Purium and  Jenny Johnston
2:30 – 3pm Yoga Nidra
3 – 6pm Afternoon Session
6 – 7pm Dinner
7:15 – 9:00pm Evening Session

Sunday October 4th
6:30 – 8am Yoga
8am Breakfast
9:15am – 12pm Morning Session & Closing

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