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I’m Not Good Enough

I'm Not Good Enough

Every morning, I draw cards for inspiration. This card exemplifies how I was feeling this morning when I started my day. I felt inundated with that seed that we all carry of “I’m Not Good Enough.” Sometimes it’s present, sometimes it’s not there. For me, it was those voices bombarding me and me listening. Sometimes this rises because a mistake has been made or comparisons have been made or even an invitation hasn’t been extended. As I started to settle into my practice, I was looking for a way out of those voices and to uproot the plant that was growing from that seed.

This card is perfect. The antidote to that seed of “I am not good enough” is to turn in and to tune in to the Inner Voice and the Limitless True Self. Within my life this means I to turn to my yoga mat. The turning in comes from meditation, from affirming my heartfelt prayer, and even getting hugs from my husband, who believes that I am already perfect.

Techniques to re-connect with your True Self

1. This feeling of “not good enough” comes from outside. Realizing that these seeds are planted usually in our childhood and often by parents can helps us to release the grip of this seed. Someone had to teach you how to feel bad about yourself. I remember loving a t-shirt I had picked out. When I wore it to school, I was teased. Then I felt bad about myself when I wore it because I had not picked the “cool shirt.”

2. Take a deep breath and remember that you have evidence to the contrary. Reach out to a friend, or a loved one, they will tell you otherwise.

3. Ask this seed why it is visiting you today and what it needs. Perhaps this negative self-talk is willing to take on a different task for you, like helping you out!

4. Meditation is a beautiful practice for reconnecting to our innate wholeness. However, when you are in that spiral of negative self-talk, meditation can make things worse. Use other practices, like a mantra, breathing, yoga, walking in nature, to reconnect. When the mind feels a little calmer, then sit for your meditation.

5. Remember, you are so much more than your thoughts, feelings, and this self-talk. You are limitless, whole, and connected. The trick is to establish a habit of checking in with our true selves.

Try a mantra meditation for illumination!

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