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Purple People — Third Eye Chakra Own Your Mind

“a little mental yoga will they disappear…
just when you escape you have yourself to fear” — Purple People, Tori Amos

The mind has been divided from the soul and we have forgotten the crystalline purity of the soul. The mind has become the master, yet it was made to be the servant of the soul. Purple People surrenders us to the connection wisdom and balances the Third Eye Chakra. Here we move beyond elements into intuition, inner knowing, wisdom, and discernment. A little mental yoga (meditation) helps us dive beneath thoughts, judgements, and reactions into wisdom states.

Apply to the third eye & back of the head. Use the sound Om 2x to energize the third eye chakra

Contains: clary sage, juniper, angelica, cedarwood, lavender, tulsi, peppermint, lemon in fractionated coconut oil

Purple People with Steel Roller

Price: $20.00

Purple People with Amethyst Roller

Price: $25.00

Listen to the song that inspired the oil

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