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Is There Room In My Heart? — Heart Chakra Oil

Own Your Compassion

“Is there room in my heart?
For you to follow your heart?
And not need more blood
from the tip of your star” — Datura, Tori Amos

Your heart is sick of being tied up in chains. The heart is like the ocean, expansive in it’s ability to allow for endless self-love, compassion, and forgiveness, without taking from others. Is There Room in my Heart opens the connection to Air Energy and balances the Heart Chakra. Air Element Energy is movement, thought, openness, light, flowing, cool, and sharp. The Heart Chakra is the balance point in the seven chakras. It is here where we move from the base needs of shelter, food, and security, into the expansive quality of love.

Heart Chakra information page and meditation coming soon!

Apply to the heart. Use the sound Yam (pronounced Yum) 12x to energize the heart chakra

Contains: geranium, ylang ylang, bergamot, eucalyptus, and cedarwood in organic fractionated coconut oil
All essentials oils are therapeutic grade (better than organic) and sustainably sourced.

Is There Room in Your Heart? Oil with Steel Roller Ball

Price: $20.00

Is There Room in Your Heart? Oil with Aventurine Crystal Roller Ball

Price: $25.00

Listen to the song that inspired the oil:

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