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Code Red – Root Chakra Oil

Own Your Security

“Do this last one then I’ll grow me some wine
What you stole I would have given freely” 

Code Red, Tori Amos

It is time to get back to the garden, to who you are. Code Red oil is about reconnecting with Earth Energy and balancing the Root Chakra. Earth Element Energy is stable, strength, grounded, fortified, enduring, secure, and balanced.

Read more about the root chakra, including a meditation practice to activate the Earth energy. Apply your oil and practice regularly.

Apply to feet & legs
Use the sound Lam (pronounced Lum) 4x to energize the root chakra

Contains: thyme, vetiver, myrrh, cardamom, clove, cassia, lemon, arborvitae in organic fractionated coconut oil
All essentials oils are therapeutic grade (better than organic) and sustainably sourced.

Code Red Oil with Steel Roller Ball

Price: $20.00

Code Red Oil with Red Jasper Crystal Roller Ball

Price: $25.00

Listen to the song that inspired the oil:

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