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Seven Sisters Chakra Blends

In 2014, I saw Tori Amos and was able to meet with her individually twice for a few short moments. She spoke about the need to “outcreate” the darkness, the things that hold us back. The concerts were, and are, a spiritual experience. When I came home, I was meditating on the experience and I received a download of these oils. They came to me in a flash, oils for the seven chakras, named after Tori Amos songs that embodied some aspect of the chakras, and as a set, called Seven Sisters Chakra Blends (after another of her songs). The Seven Sisters being the nickname for the Pleiades star cluster.

I tease that the oils talk to me, but in their own way, the really do. Each blend had an oil that it wanted as its base. As I held the oil and thought of the corresponding chakra and song, other oils came forward to be a part of the mixture. Through time, meditation, and sitting with the oils, these unique blends solidified for me.

In 2017, I made a very special set of the oils and presented it to Tori. I shared the origin of the oils and that was my way of outcreating. She gave me her blessing to share these oils with the world. These blends are special and sacred. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

These seven blends are crafted with therapeutic grade essential oils. All oils are responsibly and sustainably sourced.

Order a set with stainless steel roller balls

Price: $99.00

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Price: $125.00

Code Red — Root Chakra
Own Your Security

“Do this last one then I’ll grow me some wine
What you stole I would have given freely”  — Code Red, Tori Amos

Single Oil available for purchase here

It is time to get back to the garden, to who you are. Code Red oil is about reconnecting with Earth Energy and balancing the Root Chakra. Earth Element Energy is stable, strength, grounded, fortified, enduring, secure, and balanced.

Apply to feet & legs
Use the sound Lam (pronounced Lum) 4x to energize the root chakra

Contains: thyme, vetiver, myrrh, cardamom, clove, cassia, lemon, arborvitae in fractionated coconut oil

The Power of Orange Knickers —
Sacral Chakra
Own Your Sexuality

“The power of orange knickers
under my petty coat
the power of listening to what you don’t want me to know” — The Power of Orange Knickers, Tori Amos

Single Oil available for purchase here

Now is the time to reclaim sensuality. The Power of Orange Knickers reconnects you to Water Energy by balancing the Sacral Chakra. Water Element Energy is about senses, feeling states, emotions, sexuality, passion, and creativity. Once grounded we uncover our passions and begin to create.

Apply to lower abdomen & sacrum. Use the sound Vam (pronounced Vum) 6x to energize the sacral chakra

Contains: ginger, fennel, orange, fir, patchouli, cinnamon in fractionated coconut oil

Fire on the Side — Solar Plexus Chakra
Own Yourself

“Baby it bleeds to be your fire on the side” — Fire on the Side, Tori Amos

Single oil available for purchase here.

You have been the picture of what everyone else wants, maybe today you will become the image of yourself. Fire on the Side reignites the connection to Fire Energy and balances the Solar Plexus Chakra. Fire Element Energy is about digestion (food, emotions, thoughts, experiences, information, etc.), transformation, light, strength, determination, will, and energy. It helps us to know who we are in the world and cultivates healthy self-esteem. Once we understand our creative efforts, we begin to share them with the world.

Apply to upper abdomen & low back. Use the sound Ram (pronounced Rum) 10x to energize the solar plexus chakra

Contains: lemongrass, rosemary, coriander, black pepper, marjoram, eucalyptus, peppermint in fractionated coconut oil

Is There Room in my Heart? — Heart Chakra
Own Your Compassion

“Is there room in my heart?
For you to follow your heart?
And not need more blood
from the tip of your star” — Datura, Tori Amos

Single oil available for purchase here.

Your heart is sick of being tied up in chains. The heart is like the ocean, expansive in it’s ability to allow for endless self-love, compassion, and forgiveness, without taking from others. Is There Room in my Heart opens the connection to Air Energy and balances the Heart Chakra. Air Element Energy is movement, thought, openness, light, flowing, cool, and sharp. The Heart Chakra is the balance point in the seven chakras. It is here where we move from the base needs of shelter, food, and security, into the expansive quality of love.

Apply to the heart. Use the sound Yam (pronounced Yum) 12x to energize the heart chakra

Contains: geranium, ylang ylang, bergamot, eucalyptus, cedarwood in fractionated coconut oil

16 Shades of Blue — Throat Chakra
Own Your Journey

“if the clocks are black absorbing everything but
a remembering how we made it that
clocks are black” — 16 Shades of Blue, Tori Amos

Single Oil available for purchase here.

In the endless procession of the stars we all have a place, a purpose. 16 Shades of Blue welcomes the connection to Space Energy and balances the Throat Chakra. Space Element Energy is infinite possibility. The belief that time constrains us does not exist within this chakra, we are moving into the endless. The Throat Chakra is where we discover our spiritual journey while understanding that the journey is endless.

Apply to the throat & neck. Use the sound Ham (pronounced Hum) 16x to energize the throat chakra

Contains: cypress, eucalyptus, basil, hyssop, himalayan mint, blue tansy in fractionated coconut oil

Purple People — Third Eye Chakra
Own Your Mind

“a little mental yoga will they disappear…
just when you escape you have yourself to fear” — Purple People, Tori Amos

Single oil available for purchase here.

The mind has been divided from the soul and we have forgotten the crystalline purity of the soul. The mind has become the master, yet it was made to be the servant of the soul. Purple People surrenders us to the connection with wisdom and balances the Third Eye Chakra. Here we move beyond elements into intuition, inner knowing, wisdom, and discernment. A little mental yoga (meditation) helps us dive beneath thoughts, judgements, and reactions into wisdom states.

Apply to the third eye & back of the head. Use the sound Om 2x to energize the third eye chakra

Contains: clary sage, juniper, angelica, cedarwood, lavender, tulsi, peppermint, lemon in organic fractionated coconut oil

Bliss — Crown Chakra
Own Your Spirituality

“wonder if I will wander out
test my tether to
see if I’m still free
from you”
— Bliss, Tori Amos

Single oil available for purchase here.

Maybe we truly are a bliss of another kind. How long has it been since you rested in the knowledge of your connection to Divine Energy? Bliss invites the remembrance of the oneness of our true nature. The crown chakra asks us to release cognitive and emotional overlays and allow our awareness to expand beyond all self-imposed limitations. Here we connect with the ultimate trust and service.

Apply to the crown of the head. Use the sound of Ng (like at the end of gong) to energize the crown chakra

Contains: frankincense, fir, palo santo, lavender, tulsi, rhododendron, lime, ravensara, white sage in organic fractionated coconut oil

Special thank you to Jason at for providing correct lyrics

Special thank you to my EWF for helping me out with some of the inspiration for the oil descriptions.

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