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Bliss — Crown Chakra Oil

Own Your Spirituality

“wonder if I will wander out
test my tether to
see if I’m still free
from you”
— Bliss, Tori Amos

Maybe we truly are a bliss of another kind. How long has it been since you rested in the knowledge of your connection to Divine Energy? Bliss invites the remembrance of the oneness of our true nature. The crown chakra asks us to release cognitive and emotional overlays and allow our awareness to expand beyond all self-imposed limitations. Here we connect with the ultimate trust and service.

Apply to the crown of the head. Use the sound of Ng (like at the end of gong) to energize the crown chakra

Contains: frankincense, fir, palo santo, lavender, tulsi, rhododendron, lime, ravensara, white sage in organic fractionated coconut oil

Bliss Oil with Steel Roller Ball

Price: $20.00

Bliss Oil with Steel Roller Ball

Price: $25.00

Listen to the song that inspired the oil

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