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DignitySo often we think of dignity as a sense of nobility. We may even understand that dignity is a sense of worthiness and respect. But do we treat ourselves with dignity?

Treating ourselves with dignity is not an over-inflated sense of ego. It is understanding who we are and our purpose for being. It is holding ourselves with confidence and respecting ourselves. We do not punish ourselves for our mistakes. Instead we welcome the lesson and move on. We do not deflect. Instead we thank others for the compliments that we are given. We see ourselves as worthy of abundance, love, and gratitude. We hold ourselves with confidence, trusting our wisdom to contribute when asked and our discernment to know when to step back.

Dignity Practice

Sit up tall and straight. Take a deep inhale and with your exhale release whatever seems heavy on your shoulders. Take another inhale and this time, as you exhale, lift the breastbone and heart, instead of collapsing. Use every exhale to lengthen and lift the spine.
Now, begin to imagine that you are receiving your inhales, rather than taking breaths. Imagine as though the breath is an energy coalescing around you that desires to be inside you. Begin to offer your exhales as though they are the most precious and valuable gifts that you could give. Each exhale is an offering to the Universe/G-d/Allah/The Creator. With each inhale, you are filled by the Universe/G-d/Allah/The Creator. Come into the realization that you are worthy of this gift.
Practice every day for 5 minutes, or until you feel your sense of worth and dignity. Carry it with you into your daily life treating all others with the honor they deserve.

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