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Awakening Your Inner Radiance with Lifeforce Yoga

In February 2020, just in time for the pandemic, Rose published her first book, Awakening You Inner Radiance with LifeForce Yoga: Strategies for Coping with Stress, Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma. Within these pages you will find LifeForce Yoga at its finest. You will learn the yogic foundations, breathing practices, how to add sound to your practice, a simple meditation technique, empowerment practices, self-inquiry and more. Available in paperback format and digital.


This book is part memoir and part manual for finding your way out of the darkness of constrictions. LifeForce Yoga is a method of accessible yoga that reconnects with your wholeness. You are a radiant being, filled with wisdom and inner peace – your constrictions are what tell you that you are not good enough. This book will guide you through the foundations of yoga, self-exploration, self-inquiry questions, meditations, hand gestures, breathing practices, and movements to help you expel what is no longer serving you while making room for your Inner Radiance. You will develop the yoga practice that is meant for you, all without ever stepping on a yoga mat.

Here is what people are saying about Awakening Your Inner Radiance with Lifeforce Yoga:

“This book was chock full of helpful LifeForce Yoga practices, self inquiry, pictures, & insights. This is a very practical & user friendly book. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like support in their every day life!– Mimi

“A must read on Yoga and mental health. Highly recommend it! – Liz

“Great book! Well written and easy to understand. The personal stories by Rose Kress are touching. It’s fun to add these practices into my own life and they bring inner peace.– Penelope

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