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Yoga and the Subtle Body

Part 1: Saturday, October 5th, 9am-12pm $35
Part 2: Saturday, November 9th, 9am-12pm $35
Yoga by Design, 2102 N. Country Club Rd (directions)
Online Webinar: Friday, October 18, 4-6pm $25

Yoga is so much more that a physical practice. Using more esoteric techniques, we can touch into the subtler realms of experience and bring healing a deeper levels.
This three part learning / healing experience can be taken one part at a time or as a full package for the fullest effect.

Part 1:

We will begin by exploring what the subtle realms of being are, including the koshas (sheaths), mantra (sound), chakras and mudras. You will also learn how the subtle body is affected by yoga posture and how to enhance that experience with mantra and mudra.

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Part 2:

In this section, we will go a little deeper into the subtle body experience. However, it is not necessary to have attended the previous session. We will discuss perceptions and changes from the previous class. We will also explore different mantras, mudras, movements and meditations.

Price: $35.00

Webinar: Yoga Philosophy and the Subtle Body

This online learning course provides the philosophical foundation for the experiences in the workshops. We will discuss chakras, nadis, mantra, mudra, and marma from a textual perspective. This webinar will feature a powerpoint presentation and some practice. Copies of the webinar will be available for download following the live event. If you are unable to attend the live event, a copy of the webinar will be sent to you.

Price: $25.00

Handouts will be provided for all three sections.
CEUs for Yoga Teachers available.
Purchase all three and receive a discount of $19.98. Use code YSBB-AUG at checkout.

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