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Transformation Day 8

No more muffin top in my yoga pants! That and my pants are fitting so much better. When moving around all day, clothes that fit and do not need adjustments is a really big deal for me. It was a joy to wake up this morning feeling awake, energized, and to find that my pants fit better. When we embark on weight loss or health improvement programs I think it is really important to have that instant feedback. Doing some programs it can take a couple of weeks to see changes and many of us lose momentum and it becomes another failed attempt to change our lives.

A number of people have mentioned that they just do not think that they could do something like this. One person said to me, “I could not do that. There is no way that I could have enough energy when I am only drinking my food three times a day.”

Okay, that is a valid point. Wednesday is my longest day. I often leave the house around 10am or earlier and I do not get home until 8pm or later. I teach two classes on the north west side of Tucson and then I work in between, often sitting on the computer at Starbucks. It makes for a long and exhausting day. But, I was happy to find that my energy was at an even keel all day. The only time that my energy dips is when I have forgotten that it is time to eat or to take my Master Aminos.

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