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Transformation Day 1

First days are always the hardest when it comes to doing any kind of cleanse. As I write this at 5pm, I have a bit of a headache and I just want to take a nap. However, I still have more of my day to go. I could have waited for a weekend to start, but hanging out at home seems to increase food cravings. Seems better to be doing the hardest days while I am out and about.
It can be hard to make big changes alone. I find that if I am part of a group making a transformation I feel the support of that group when I am feeling like giving up. I love that this 10 Day Transformation offers support. I signed up to get encouragement in the form of texts. At my lowest moment today, I got a text saying that there would be a support call in less than an hour. Hallelujah! I joined the call and got to hear encouragement and how other people around the country were feeling. In addition, I got the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback.

Beyond the little energy dip that I am having, I am feeling really good right now. Despite not having an solid food today I have not felt hungry. Nor have I felt full. Cravings have arisen, but I know they are habit and addiction related. Just because I want to eat Gummy Bears does not mean that I am hungry.

Tips from today:
Don’t watch TV or look at magazines. There are too many pictures of food – healthy and unhealthy.
DO have a bag of nuts just in case you need something.
DO carry plenty of water.
DO follow the timeline for shakes, aminos and other items. If you start too late you will be up too late.

If you are interested in doing your own 10 Day Transformation, email me as I have a gift card for you.

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