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Retreat Update

Preparations are in full swing for the LifeForce Yoga Healing Retreat coming up October 2 – 4 in Tucson. Time to give you an update on the schedule and content.

Friday begins with a yoga practice to help you settle in. The focus of the practice will be grounding and opening up the breath. We will use mudra, sound, breath, and visualization. Then comes dinner. After we eat, we will return to the program room for the opening, creating sacred space, and where you will learn about the Yogic concept of Sankalpa and how to redirect our focus to deeper healing. At the end of the evening, everyone will receive Tart Cherry to help you get deep and restful sleep as well as reduce inflammation.

Sunrise Yoga
Sunrise Yoga

Saturday morning we will start with sunrise yoga. Weather permitting, we may even do some practice outside, receiving the healing rays of the morning sun. After a light breakfast, we return for the morning’s session where you will receive information on balancing the nervous system. We will then move into a deeper practice of movement and breath to balance the nervous system. Then lunch and our break. At 1pm Jenny Johnston offers a presentation on Super Foods and the power of nutrition to help you in your healing process. At 2:30, there will be an optional yoga nidra for anyone that wants it. The afternoon session will include information on Yoga as a healing paradigm – lessons from the yoga sutras, mantra as a practice for the nervous system, and the ultimate posture Sarvangasana. Dinner is followed by a restorative practice using essential oils.

Sunday morning begins with sunrise yoga again. After breakfast, we will return for a little discussion on how to carry your experience at the retreat forward. This will be followed by practice and a closing.

Participants will receive a gift bag, plus handouts on some of the practices. In addition, you will receive a follow-up 45 minute phone session to answer questions that have arisen in your practice and to receive support.

Full Retreat

Price: $230.00


Day options are available:

Come for a yoga class, Friday 4-5:30, Saturday 6:30-8:00am or 7:15-9:00pm, Sunday 6:30-8:00am  
Price: $20.00

Friday Evening
Price: $45.00

Saturday Only, includes all meals  
Price: $175.00

Sunday Only, includes breakfast and lunch  
Price: $95.00

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