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Practice You: Daily Awakening Deck

“54 Portals to Explore, Illuminate, and Nurture Your True Self”

The Practice You: Daily Awakening Deck, from Elena Brower, which came out just this week, is a spectacular aid to your personal practice. The deck is a compliment to the Practice You: A Journal, which was released Fall 2017. This 54-card deck includes an extra four cards on which to explore your personal practice affirmations or statements. The cards are simple and elegant, color coordinated to match the chakras, known as energy centers. Each card has a question or an accessible practice on it, guiding you to an essence of a chakra.

The cards, and the journal, follow the journey through the chakras. Most are familiar with seven major chakras, however, there are many in the body including above the head. The questions and statements reflect the essence of these nine chakras through which we connect to our true self. These essences are:

  • Chakra essencesI am
  • I feel
  • I do
  • I love
  • I speak
  • I trust
  • I see
  • I understand
  • I serve


This deck is a journey of self-inquiry questions guiding you down a path of connection with your highest and truest self. Use the deck to answer a question, gain clarity, or as inspiration for your day and your spiritual journey. Use in your yoga class as an aid to focus students. Take this card as an example:

It is up to you to define trust in your own way, rather than someone else overlaying their idea of trust. When we feel disconnected, anxious, depressed, etc., the imposition of someone else’s values may constrict, bring up feelings of shame, or worsen disconnection. Elena is speaking to a greater experience of connection. She bypasses forced affirmation statements for questions that awaken self-acceptance and spiritual growth.

A special note from Elena Brower on the inception of Practice You Daily Awakening Deck

As part of my practice, I incorporate one or two card decks into my morning ritual. When I saw in my mind’s eye a gorgeous Practice You deck, my editor at Sounds True allowed me to be creative with it. What emerged is a collection of cards that offer practices, prayers and reminders to help us connect to ourselves in a simple, accessible way.

Use these cards as a portal into your daily practice of yoga, meditation, self-inquiry, prayer, and self-reconnection. The cards are a beautiful jumping off point for journaling. The Practice You: A Journal is just a beautiful as the deck and it has plenty of space to journal, to draw, and to explore.

Deck and journal

The deck and journal make a great gift set for anyone walking down the path of self-discovery and self-care.

This review first appeared on the LifeForce Yoga Blog.

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