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Meditation with Singing Bowl

Physiological and Psychological Effects of a Himalayan Singing Bowl in Meditation Practice

A recent study looked at the effect of adding a Himalayan Singing Bowl to a directed relaxation (like a guided relaxation at the end of a yoga practice). In this randomized study, participants received either 12 minutes of silence followed by a 20 minute directed relaxation, or 12 minutes of Himalayan Singing Bowl followed by a 20 minute directed relaxation. In both groups, there was a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate. However, in the group that received the Himalayan Singing Bowl session the decrease in blood pressure and heart rate was greater.

This is a good example of how sound can support a practice of meditation and relaxation. Playing your own singing bowl prior to your meditation practice supports mental focus by relaxing the mind and the body. If your mind seems to race after your yoga practice, try listening or playing a singing bowl to help your deep relaxation in savasana. No desire to purchase your own singing bowl? Try the video below.

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