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Lifestyle Transformation

Free Webinar
Mind, Body & Energy Transformation
September 7, 2015
4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

Would you like to create healthier habits, increase clarity, decrease chronic pain and inflammation, and be motivated to create and sustain positive change in your life? Receive the support to achieve the things you desire in life with this 30 day program.

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A new meDuring this information webinar you will learn about different techniques for healthy living. This webinar discusses the process of the month long Lifestyle Transformation.
Your commitment will drive your success in this course. Once you have completed the 30 days with me, you may wish to continue on your own, using the tools that you have been given. You can also repeat the process as often as you would like. You will learn and develop tools for healthy daily living — physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual:

  • Develop a daily meditation practice
  • Learn the importance of self-inquiry
  • Increase healthy eating habits
  • Develop and strengthen your daily exercise routines
  • Daily yoga practice
  • Find inspiration in your daily life

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