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Learn to Meditate

Now available as a download (comes with powerpoint pdf):

Price: $15.00

Meditation is the jewel of yoga practice, yet it is one of the most difficult practices. We try to “still the mind” and it seems that everything we have every forgotten wants to be heard all at once. The practice of meditation does not have to be hard. If we start small with time tested practices, we will be meditating in no time.

This webinar is designed to provide a menu of practices as one size does not fit all when it comes to meditation. We will

  • Discuss the benefits of meditation
  • Learn about many different types of meditationLeading Meditation
  • Learn how the breath impacts our concentration
  • Practice mindful breath meditation
  • Practice mantra meditation
  • Practice loving kindness meditation
  • Develop a simple daily meditation practice

Handouts will be provided. Participants will have access to the webinar once it is complete.




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