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Cleanse Day Two

Day 2: Inertia & creativity

As a part of the cleanse, the suggestion is to wake with the rising sun or before. So far, that has been next to impossible, even though I have set the alarm for it. I hear the alarm, but I can barely move. It is a bit of a struggle to know what is a whether or no tamas (inertia) is present due to tamas of the mind, or if tamas is present out of a need to restore and to heal. I know there is a need for deep rest, but I think that tamas is a little rampant in my mind as it keeps me from getting into restorative yoga poses to help heal. I have high hopes for tomorrow. At the same time, I sat down at the computer and wrote and wrote and wrote. I started and completed projects. It is an interesting dichotomy.

Keeping up with the diet and the self-care in the morning. I must admit, nothing is worse than watching TV when you are cleansing. I am not prone to wanting pizza (unless of course I am in Chicago on layover), or fried chicken, or hamburgers (I don’t eat meat), but I really wanted that new pizza with the tear off cheese bits. Yum, fat and salt. Given this experience, it does not seem that strange that our society is heavy. Just seeing all that fat, sugar and salt (three things that humans LOVE) makes you want it.

Today was day 1 of taking ghee. First thing in the morning we take a tablespoon of ghee. This is to jump start the gall bladder which in turn supports the liver functioning. Once we take the ghee, we are not to eat until we are hungry. A part of this cleanse is to re-teach the body about hunger. I guess ghee is really filling for me, because I was not hungry until noon and thus only ate two meals today. John Douillard ( says, “A bhogi eats three times a day and is destined for death. A rogi eats two meals a day and is destined for illness. A yogi eats one meal a day and is destined for immortality.” Ha ha, I am halfway there.

Sunday is my uncle’s funeral. It is a 3 hour drive that we will be making mid-morning and then returning at night. It seems that inertia will lose the battle tomorrow as I will have to pack my meals for the whole day.

My reading from the Bhagavad Gita, 1:43

By these wrongdoings ofthe destroyers of the family,
which produce disorder
between the classes of society,
The dharmas of
lineages are ruined,
along with the eternal
dharma of the family.

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