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Cleanse Day Three

Day 3: Tribute, Funeral, Emotions & Travel

I arose with purpose and went through my practice with dedication. Through it all was the sense of fortifying myself for the day’s travel and work. I love my family dearly, but family is family – all of the love and attention along with all of the habits and behaviors. I come from a family that is close and with that closeness comes a bit of contention.

Day three saw a jump in ghee Ghee Shooterfrom 1 tablespoon to 2 tablespoons. Ordinarily, I love ghee. I use it to cook food, I put it on pop corn, it is no big thing. But there is something about taking it in big gulps that I don’t like. My body seems to like it even less. After not eating for many hours, yet feeling like I have something caught in my throat, I decided that I will be a much happier person after I am through the ghee. That being said, to make it easier, I do a little dance at the sink, I rub my gall bladder and tell it how much it is going to enjoy the ghee treat. For fun, I put it in a shoot glass. Imagine that, standing in the kitchen in PJs doing shooters of ghee first thing in the morning. Interesting way to start my morning, knowing that the afternoon’s events would include shots of tequila, which I would need to decline (not just for cleansing reasons, but also because I do not drink alcohol).

After packing everything up, I hopped in the car with my sister and we drove 3 hours to south eastern Arizona, in the Chiricahua Mountians where my Aunt & Uncle have a home. The area is beautiful and I could not imagine a better place to spend the last few days of your life. When we arrived, my uncle was laid out on the back porch and family was down by the creek painting the cardboard box that he would be buried in. We soon piled into many cars and caravaned to Paradise Cemetery – his final resting place. For me, it was hours of tears, but tears well shed.

Even through all of that, 6.5 hours of travel, I worked hard to maintain my cleanse.

Read more about my uncle Peter here.



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