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Atma Hrdaye

Ātma hŗdaye
Hŗdayam mayi
Aham amŗte
Amŗtam anāndam brahmāni

My true nature is the heart. The heart is my true nature.
I am the bliss of the heart. The Heart that I am is the unending bliss of Oneness.

This is a chant to the heart from the heart. It is the heart’s true nature to love for no reason at all, without conditions or judgment. Abiding in the heart’s true nature we understand that there is no separation between love and bliss and wholeness. Chanting this mantra with this essence in mind we can come to know the deepest wisdom of the heart, the oneness of being.


Rose leading Atma Hrdaye as a part of the early morning sadhana for the LifeForce Yoga Practitioner Training Level 1, January 2013.

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