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10 Day Transformation Results

I am so happy to have completed my challenge and I am still enjoying my power shakes. My body just wants that green yummyness.

When I started this process, I wanted to see if it would be comparable to the Ayurvedic Cleanses that I am enjoy. I know that the at home panchakarma can change lives, the problem with it is that so many people do not want to try it. I blogged my Spring Cleanse (at home panchakarma) to share the process with students and clients in the hopes that they might take the plunge. I am not sure how many of you signed on.

The Results

During the 10 Day Transformation, I lost 7.2lbs & 10 inches! I also got rid of my craving for sugars and processed foods. Since finishing the 10 Day Transformation, I have continued to lose weight and inches. I am down 12lbs & 13 inches (total).
This is not your “lose the water weight while you are on the cleanse and gain it all back when you are done.” This is a total system reset.

Before - Transformation Day 1
Before – Transformation Day 1
After - Transformation Day 10
After – Transformation Day 10

Amazing! And, I was sucking it in a little bit on the before picture.

The Comparison between Purium 10 Day Transformation & an Ayurvedic Cleanse

1. Weight lossDuring the 10 day Transformation, I lost 7.2lbs, or 0.72lbs per day.
During the Ayurvedic Cleanse at 15 days, I typically lose 10lbs, or 0.66lbs per day.
The biggest difference is that I do not continue to lose weight after the Ayurvedic Cleanse.

2. Food Cravings
During the first two days of the 10 Day Transformation I had cravings for sweets, but they went away and did not come back. I did have cravings for crunchy and salty, but I was able to fulfill those when they arose.
During the Ayurvedic Cleanse, cravings arose at the beginning. In the middle of the cleanse, when we eat kitchari for five days, I had all manner of food cravings that went unsatisfied. When the cleanse was finished, I continued to want those cravings and fell victim to them.

3. Energy
During the 10 Day Transformation I had lots of energy, that was even all day, by the third day.
During the Ayurvedic Cleanse, I had lots of energy, that was even all day, by the fifth day.

4. Ease
The 10 Day Transformation required ingesting something every two hours. I really had to keep an eye on the clock and write out a schedule each day to keep on track. However, the shakes were incredibly easy to make (only three a day) and the aminos were easy to take.
The Ayurvedic Cleanse requires eating when hungry and taking a number of herbs before and during meals. There were a number of days with several hours of food prep time.

5. Cost
At the end of it all, the 10 Day Transformation was less expensive than the Ayurvedic Cleanse. I paid my money for the product and I did not have to purchase anything else, although I did buy coconut milk and blueberries to mix in. The 10 Day Transformation also has the added benefit of being 100% non-gmo and organic.
The Ayurvedic Cleanse included food, herbs, guidance and treatments.

6. Enjoyment
This was a big difference for me. The Power Shake in the 10 Day Transformation took a little getting used to. But, once I got used to it I wanted it and enjoyed it.
On the other hand, the Ayurvedic Cleanse has a couple of components, like ghee, castor oil and five days of kitchari, that I do not like.

7. Miscellaneous Results
My skin felt and looked the same at the end of both.
My tongue looked the same at the end of both.My belly swelling looked the same at the end of both.

8. Conclusion
I love the Ayurvedic Lifestyle. There are a number of Ayurvedic techniques that I use on a daily basis that I consider to be a part of my healthy routine. That being said, the 10 Day Transformation afforded me the same results as the Ayurvedic Cleanse. I feel that the 10 Day Transformation is more accessible than the Ayurvedic Cleanse. However, I think that everyone should do the Ayurvedic Cleanse at least once in their lives. I know that I am likely to try it again in the future.

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